Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis joined the show to share his thoughts on the Super Bowl and more.

Dan asked about a rumor that the Ravens were considering releasing him.”We can not listen to what everyone writes,” Lewis said. “No way.”

Lewis also commented on what Chad Ochocinco said about him on the show last week. Ochocinco said that he was going to pop Lewis when he saw him next. Lewis just laughed and said Ochocinco is like a brother to him and he was joking.

“No way,” Lewis said. “You can’t. If you change the way you play the game, you ain’t going to be playing much longer.”

Lewis said his forefathers taught him you get the guy down by any means possible. But Lewis clarified, he doesn’t lead with his helmet very often. “I don’t lead with my head a lot. I lead with my shoulders,” Lewis said.

Lewis also talked about getting into movies after he retires.  Lewis did a funny video with Drew Brees on FunnyorDie.com.