Ray Allen

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Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen joined the show at the same time to talk about breaking the all-time NBA three-point king. Durant was holding up the plane, but just wanted to congratulate Allen. The Celtics star had some interesting details on the record.

Allen talked about how he felt before setting the record Thursday night agains tthe Lakers. “I was actually real calm the couple days leading up to it,” Allen said. “I felt like I was in a good place as far as how we are as a team and how I was shooting the ball.”

Allen said it’s been a crazy week. “This is really even bigger than even I want to imagine. That moment overcame me,” Allen said.

Dan asked Allen if the Lakers should try to trade for Carmelo Anthony.

“They’re the defending champs,” Allen said. “The former they have right now has worked the last two years. They’re still a top five team. It’s hard to mess with that.”

Allen liked Dan’s idea of a He Got Game sequel. “We got some unresolved issues in He Got Game,” Allen said.