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Tuesday: Melissa Stark, Reggie Miller

FOX NFL analyst Michael Strahan joined the show to talk about the upcoming season and more.

Strahan said he was very surprised the Jaguars cut David Garrard. He thinks Garrard would have been a good mentor for rookie QB Blaine Gabbert, and it would make it easier to be patient with the Gabbert.

Strahan was surprised that no one signed Tiki Barber. He said it must be concerns about locker room issues. Strahan said it was an accumulation of problems and people believe in public perception.

Strahan said that Giants quarterback Eli Manning has refused to engage with the media. He doesn’t read or watch anything, and he doesn’t really give the media anything. Strahan said it works, because Eli’s steady.

Strahan also talked about his role in the last episode of Entourage. He said he hit a bunch of jump shots, but they were left on the cutting room floor.