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Monday: Matt Ryan, Rick Neuheisel, Chris Simms

MLB Network analyst Kevin Millar joined the show to talk about the big stories in baseball.

Dan asked Millar whose career he would rather have — Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera? Millar said Jeter, because he’s a positional player.

Then Dan asked if he had one Hall of Fame vote, who would he give it to. Millar still went with Jeter.

Millar explained that Rivera dominated with location. And he said Rivera looks younger now than he did in 1995.

Millar talked about a lot of interesting side topics. He said he used to go out with Jason Giambi when the Red Sox played the Yankees. He said when he was with the Marlins, Jim Leyland would leave lit cigarettes on the ground of the Marlins bathroom. And he said A-Rod copied his hair.