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Tuesday: Reggie Miller

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford joined the show to talk about his season and the Super Bowl matchup.

— Stafford said that he improved this season because he got to play 16 straight games with the same guys because he was healthy.

— Stafford talked about the big play when the Cowboys didn’t double-team Calvin Johnson and he caught a game-winner. He said he hurried to the line to snap the ball before they figured it out.

— Stafford said he’s watched a lot of Andrew Luck games. “I think he’s going to be great,” Stafford said. “I think he’s one of the best quarterbacks I’ve seen in college in a long time.”

Dan asked if Luck not playing in the SEC made it easier for him. Stafford thinks Luck is still good. But Stafford said that the SEC plays NFL-style defense.

— Stafford ran into Drew Brees before his spot. He said that he’s happy for Brees, a fellow Texan. Stafford said that he would love to run that Saints offense.

— Stafford talked about his high school days. He won the Texas state championship 59-0. He had already committed to Georgia.



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