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ESPN broadcaster Mike Tirico joined the show to talk about the decision to go with a two-man Monday Night Football booth with him and Gruden and no Ron Jaworski.

Tirico said the decision came from above. “I do know there’s no rift amongst any of us,” Tirico said. “We’ve all been operating like we’ve been going ahead like us.

Tirico said he will continue to have a very good relationship with Jaws. “We will remain close,” Tirico said. “I’m glad he’s staying with ESPN.”

Dan asked Tirico about Gruden being too nice on air. Tirico said that if you watched closely, he improved this year.

Tirico did admit it was very challenging to do games with Tony Kornheiser. He said he was used to working with guys that comment on the play that just happened. Kornheiser didn’t do that.

Dan asked Tirico if he thinks Gruden will coach again. “Candidly, I think he’ll coach somewhere down the line,” Tirico said. Tirico did say that Gruden is enjoying what he’s doing very much.

Tirico will call the Knicks-Mavs game on Sunday. He said he’s been very impressed with Jeremy Ling. But he urges caution before declaring him a worldwide phenomenon. And he said slow down before mentioning him in the same breath with Tiger Woods.

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