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Monday: Recapping conference title games

Duke Naipohn, CEO of Sleep Pointe, was in the locker room when Gregg Williams gave a speech that is now being used as evidence of the bounty scandal.

Naipohn said the clips of that speech that are being used are not necessarily representative of the whole speech. He said that Williams didn’t talk about bounties. Naipohn said that the meeting was 15 minutes long and the video is just over three minutes long.

Naipohn said that the NFL interviewed him and asked specifically about the Packers and Panthers games from last season.

Naipohn said that the Saints didn’t have bounties as they’ve been described. He thinks the NFL overreacted and once the momentum started building it became bigger.

Naipohn explained he was never a Saints employee, he was doing a research project on sleep with the team.

Naipohn said that he’s the only non-NFL and non-team employee who can comment on this. “I was in every one of those meetings except for two,” Naipohn said. “That’s not how it went down.”



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