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Thursday: Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus

Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto joined the show to talk about his great start and much more.

Dan asked him if he thinks he deserves more attention. “I’m perfectly happy with the attention I’m getting,” Votto said. Votto said he doesn’t like the distractions of big media. He doesn’t like playing Sunday Night baseball because of the extra media requests.

Dan also asked Votto about all the no-hitters and the dominance of pitchers later. Votto said that it’s the way baseball should be. He said he gets tested five to seven times a year. Votto explained the process pretty graphically. He said you get to know the testers.

Dan asked Votto about Ryan Braun. Votto said that his team and the people around it had all sorts of opinions. Some were happy, some were upset.

Dan asked when he’s going to go with Joe instead of Joey. He said his dad is Joe and he has no plans of changing it.

Dan asked if he thinks they’ll win the division. Votto was upbeat, but said the competition is tough — “The Pirates … they are awfully pesky.”

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Dan Patrick ShowRT @andrewperloff: "I’m confident we can work something out for Keenan [Reynold] to do both … play football and serve our country." - Navy…51 mins ago
Andrew Perloff"I’m confident we can work something out for Keenan [Reynold] to do both … play football and serve our country." - Navy Secretary Ray Mabus52 mins ago
Paul Pabst"I'm going to do everything I can to make sure Keenan (Reynolds) can do both." - Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus on NFL/serving. @dpshow53 mins ago

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