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Friday: Paul Azinger

Miami Heat forward Shane Battier joined the show to talk about winning the NBA Championship and much more.

Battier said he’s been living hard since they wrapped up the series. “I’m starting to have some organ failure,” Battier said. “I need some roughage.”

Dan asked Battier who was hated more, Duke or the Miami Heat. “Duke, by far,” Battier said. He said you never saw Duke jerseys on the road, but you sea Heat jerseys on the road.

Battier said the difference for LeBron James this year was “developing an edge” after losing last season. Battier talked about the intense pressure LeBron faces.Ā “He’s arguably the most famous athlete of the Twitter age,” Battier said.

Battier noted that the team was trailing in their last three series. He said things looked bleak, but they stayed tough. “You have doubts, but you don’t let those doubts rule you,” Battier said.

Dan asked Battier if he would want to be LeBron. Battier said for one day. Dan asked what he would do. “I would just dunk,” Battier said. Battier said he hasn’t dunked in a game in three years, but he promised Dan he would.