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Tuesday: Recapping Women’s World Cup

FOX’s Daryl “Moose” Johnston joined the show to break down the Cowboys-Giants game and preview the season.

Johnston said that expectations are lower for the Cowboys around the country, but they’re high in Dallas. Johnston said the defense was the problem last year and he thinks it’s better this season.

Moose also talked about the Giants’ legacy. He said that Eli Manning seemingly can’t break into the elite category of quarterbacks along with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, etc. But Johnston thinks Eli was very good last season.

Johnston discussed today’s poll question and said that head injuries are the biggest story of the offseason. Johnston did make an interesting observation. He said that the passing game has transformed what we’re seeing, noting that the nickel defense is the standard, not a base defense.

Dan asked Johnston for a surprise team in each conference. He went with the Buffalo Bills in the AFC. And he said he is looking at Carolina as a team that could take the next step in the NFC.