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Wednesday: Don Mattingly, Adam Vinatieri

NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy joined the show to break down Week 10 in the NFL.

Dungy said the Texans showed they can play a low-scoring, defensive-oriented game and that means a lot. Dungy said that Gary Kubiak was fine being patient in a low-scoring game. “That’s where Gary is different than a lot of offensive coaches,” Dungy said. “He’s not about ego.”

Dungy said that the Falcons are putting too much on Matt Ryan’s shoulders and they need to improve their running game.

Dungy also weighed in on the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow debate. “The Jets are not going to win the way they’re going,” Dungy said. He said that he would have gone with Tebow at the bye week.

Dungy said he’d stick with Michael Vick if he coached the Eagles, but said it was clear that the loser of the Eagles-Cowboys game was in trouble.

Dan asked Dungy about coaching vacancies. Dungy said that the Eagles isn’t going to happen. But he did pause when Dan asked if he would take the Oregon job if Chip Kelly left. Dungy explained why he paused. “That’s an interesting one,” Dungy said. “I hadn’t heard that one.” But Dungy said he doesn’t want to coach his son, who is at Oregon.



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