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Monday: Dan and Danettes hit Los Angeles

Turner Sports and NBA TV analyst Greg Anthony joined the show to talk about the Lakers hiring Mike D’Antoni and more from around the League.

Anthony commented on the issues with the Lakers. He said he can’t understand why they ever got away from the triangle offense in the first place. They won five titles with that offense. Anthony thinks they should have gone with Phil Jackson if they could have gotten him.

Dan asked Anthony which is the better team in Los Angeles. Anthony said right now the Clippers, noting they’ve made the improvements they needed to make. Anthony said Jamal Crawford is a “perfect fit” for the Clips since he can create his own offense and get hot.

Anthony talked about the Knicks’ early success. “Jeremy Lin was a great story,” Anthony said, “but he wasn’t going to fit what they’re trying to do from a defensive standpoint.”

Anthony did say there is a potential flaw with the way the Knicks are built. “The question is, are they going to be too old as the season gets going,” said Anthony, citing Rasheed Wallace, Kurt Thomas, Marcus Camby and Jason Kidd. “That’s an old roster.”

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