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NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski joined the show to talk about winning the title and how he’s celebrating.

Keselowski said that he wasn’t afraid coming into yesterday. “I wasn’t nervous,” Keselowski said. “I thought like we could do it all along.”

Dan asked him what he was thinking when Jimmie Johnson was first and he was 15th. “I was thinking don’t screw it up,” Keselowski said. He said he knew he couldn’t finish 16th, so he felt OK.

Keselowski talked about getting a call from Ray Lewis. He said that it was a pregame speech.

Dan asked him about whether he considers himself an entertainer. He said whenever he’s an entertainer, it usually costs him money. But he said he’s not afraid of

Dan asked if he got his money’s worth on his Miller Lite sponsorship last night. “Maybe a little too much,” Keselowski said. “They may reconsider their partnership with me. It may be a losing endeavor at this point.”



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