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Thursday: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Brent Barry

Better later than never, from the brilliant mind of Todd Fritz:

I’m Not Lion…..He Meant To Kick Him There

Schaub And Weave….Matt Could Have Gotten Out Of Way

What A Turkey?……Suh Should Have Been Suspended

That Wasn’t Berry Nice Now, Was It?

Ndamukong Has Some Groin up To Do

That Was A Real Kick Move By Suh

Jewels Rush In….Matt’s Got No Love For Suh

Things That Make You Go OW!

Detroit Loins…..Teammates Also Have Their Doubts About Intent

Get Up And Gonad…..Schaub Could Have Shaken That Off Quicker

Penile Code…..Unwritten Rule Not To Kick opponent In Man Region



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Andrew Perloff @andrewperloffBig bet at work that the Cavs make the Finals. I know they won tonight - but I don’t know if this game gives me a ton of confidence.11 hours ago
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