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NBC analyst Tony Dungy dropped by the NYC ManCave to talk about the tragedy in Kansas City and Week 13 in the NFL. Here are some of his takes:

— Dungy said the Cowboys will have to play a lot better than they did last night the rest of the season to earn a wild card berth.

“Dallas is going to have to run the table and I just don’t see it with that inconsistent play,” Dungy said.

— Dan asked Dungy if he thinks there’s any validity to a report that Eagles coach Andy Reid could land in Dallas next season.

“I could see it,” Dungy said. “First of all, he’s going to get fired. There are going to be about eight other openings. NFL owners are going to say who is the sure thing? Who can take my team to the playoffs. … He’s going to be a hot commodity.”

— Dungy was OK with the Chiefs’ decision to play because they polled the players and reached a consensus.

Dungy said that he was concerned about guns in the NFL as well. He said when he coached the Colts, authorities came in and asked how many players had guns. About 3/4 of the hands went up. And the authorities spoke to them about responsibility with the guns.

Dungy said that he never has had a gun, but most of his younger players grew up in a different time and it was very common. “It’s not my era,” Dungy said. “It baffles me.”

— Dungy agreed with Dan that Andrew Luck should be an MVP candidate. He said that the whole team believes they can win when Luck is under center. Dungy said Luck’s enthusiasm is contagious.

— Dungy said that he can’t see how the Jets put Mark Sanchez back in and they have to go with Greg McElroy.

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