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NFL Network’s Deion Sanders joined the show to talk about the big stories around the League.

Sanders said that he understood what happened with Jovan Belcher. “I was suicidal once,” Sanders said. “I understand it.” Sanders said he had to fight through it and got past it.

Sanders said there are a “myriad” of players with similar problems at every level of football.

“Who do you turn to when you need an answer,” Sanders said. “Who is there to tell you no when the majority of people in your life have your hand out.”

“My teammates didn’t understand,” Sanders said. He explained that they turned to him for answers. He had not one to turn to.

“If a lot of these guys would be honest with you, they’d be there right now,” Sanders said.

Sanders said that he ran a car off the highway in Cincinnati. He said he was 3-4 the night before for the Reds. “I was in the midst of my first divorce. The only [people] I thought loved me were my kids. And they were stripped away from me.”

Sanders also weighed in on some other NFL topics:

Sanders thinks the Jets, who are going back to Mark Sanchez, should start Tim Tebow at quarterback if he’s healthy. “If it’s not Tebow, you have to go back to Sanchez,” Sanders said. “The young kid (Greg McElroy) doesn’t know the offense.”

Dan asked if the Jets made a mistake bringing in Tebow. He said no, but they’re haven’t handled the situation well. “I don’t think they knew what they were getting into,” Sanders said.

Sanders admitted Tebow doesn’t have great mechanics. “He is a winner,” Sanders said. “That’s what he is.”

Dan asked Sanders if he could vote for Colts QB Andrew Luck for MVP. Sanders said no way, because you’d have to vote for RGIII if you were going for a rookie.

Sanders believes Jon Gruden would be better off coaching in college next because he could still spend time with his family and he would be great shaping young men.

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