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Monday: Dan and Danettes head to LA

Arkansas coach Bret Bielema joined the show to talk about his new job and competing in the SEC.

Bielema said that he didn’t take the job because he’s getting paid so much more. He said his pay will increase only $400,000 next year. But paying his assistants more is a big factor: “My assistant salary coaches pool almost doubled … I’ve lost a lot of assistant coaches in the last few years.”

Bielema said there is a buyout in his new contract, but it’s an absurd number that no one would pay.

Bielema said that he is already thinking about 2014 when the BCS expands to a four-team playoff. He feels a one-loss SEC team has a great chance to get in that pool.

“I love challenges,” Bielema said. “I think men are defined more by their struggles than they are their success.”

Dan asked Bielema if he’d like to play Wisconsin. “Absolutely,” Bielema said. “Out of respect. … It would be really fun for both fan bases.”

Bielema assured Dan he’s in it for the long run at Arkansas, and said the contract is written that way.



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