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Tony Dungy stopped by the New York City ManCave on Monday.

NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy joined the show to talk about the big storylines in the League.

Dungy talked about Adrian Peterson’s incredible season. He said that he talked to coach Leslie Frazier before the season and they didn’t expect Peterson to be fully ready. Dungy related to Frazier’s issue about whether to sit Peterson at the end of wins. Dungy said as a coach, you have to consider records players are chasing.

Dan asked Dungy the best running back he’s ever seen. He said Walter Payton, noting not only could he run, he also blocked.

Dungy said he did have to play against Earl Campbell and he was tough. Tony told a story about Jack Lambert telling the film room guys not to replay Campbell running over a guy.

Dungy weighed in on the Seahawks. Dungy said quarterback Russell Wilson has been one of the keys. “The difference between him now and Week 3 is unbelievable,” Dungy said.

Dan asked Dungy the best team in the AFC. “I honestly don’t know,” Dungy said. But Dungy leans toward Green Bay in the NFC. That being said, Dungy also noted Atlanta looks like it will be at home in the playoffs and that’s a factor.

Dungy also weighed in on ESPN analyst Rob Parker’s criticism of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

“I couldn’t understand those comments,” Dungy said. “I said ‘what is going on?’ We should be building up leaders. For other African-American to attack other African-Americans … I just didn’t understand it.”

Dungy thinks what Griffin is doing is great. “We should be happy,” Dungy said. “We should be exciting. We should be celebrating with him and for him.”



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