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Thursday: Ben Stiller

Pardon the Interruption’s Michael Wilbon joined the show to talk his best on-field sports moment.

“Usain Bolt, 100-meter dash,” Wilbon said. “I’ve covered 10 Olympics. I’ve seen some pretty cool things. I’ve seen some crazy, crazy things. It’s the most electrifying event I’ve ever seen. … It’s one my career highlights.”

Wilbon said the Americans’ win in the Ryder Cup was up there as well.

Wilbon also weighed in on the NFL Rookie of the Year race. He agrees with Dan that Russell Wilson has a great chance. But he said that RGIII deserves to be in the MVP race.

Dan asked Wilbon a question about PTI. He asked if they try to pick topics that he and Tony Kornheiser disagree on. Wilbon said never. Newsworthiness is the only criteria.

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