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NBC’s Tony Dungy joined the show to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl. Here are some of his takes:

Dungy thinks they should change the Pro Bowl. “I would suggest making it a skills competition like the NBA,” Dungy said. “It is difficult. They’re thinking about the future. And guys think about hurting someone else.”

Dungy weighed in on the state of the game and the issue with violent hits and player safety. He said that players won’t wear the new safer equipment but that will come in time. “We have made it safer,” Dungy said. “Don’t worry about football, it’s going to be fine.”

Dungy also discusses the recent wave of NFL hires and the absence of any minorities getting jobs. Dungy said that he thinks he could have landed several of the open jobs. He said that he would tell them “you don’t want me.”

Dungy described what is wrong with the way they’re hiring coaches. “People want name value,” Dungy said. “This whole process is messed up. Twenty-one coaching changes in the last three years. The system is failing. We’re not hiring the right candidates for the job. The owners are looking for the super star.”

Dungy said the Steelers are the team people should be following. “Everbody should look at Dan Rooney,” Dungy said. “He’s hired three coaches in 40 years. He’s never fired a coach. Every coach has won a Super Bowl.”

Dungy said teams need to work harder to find the right guys: “Digging a little deeper and finding that person who might be under the radar. That’s what needs to be done. For minority candidate who are under the radar, that’s just not happening.”


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