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Friday: Doug Flutie’s Chris Mannix joined the show to talk about the big stories in the NBA.

Mannix said people may be overlooking the chances someone could knock off the Heat. “I’m still not ready to declare Miami an invincible bunch,” Mannix said. “Their frontcourt still scares the crap out of me. … I still think their lack of size makes them vulnerable come playoff time.”

Mannix thinks the controversy around LeBron not being in the slam dunk contest is ridiculous. He doesn’t  see an reason LeBron should do it … “to improve an already crappy All-Star Saturday night. Why doesn’t the NBA get creative?” Mannix likes a “king of the court” one-on-one tournament.

Mannix also weighed in on potential punishment on Serge Ibaka’s hit on Blake Griffin. He said that they’re just being patient, and he’d be shocked if they didn’t suspend him for one game. He thinks they’ll do it before tonight’s game against the Lakers, since it’s in OKC and Ibaka doesn’t have to get on a plane. “That was as deliberate and blatant as I’ve seen,” Mannix said.

Mannix isn’t sold on the Lakers yet. He said they may be looking like a playoff team now, but they haven’t proven they can beat good teams yet.


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