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Happy Memorial Day from the Dan Patrick Show

Dan and the Danettes react to the story about an enterprising high school student who asked Kate Upton to the prom. Dan wonders if that’s a smart choice ….

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Andrew Perloff@greggdurham ok. I spoke to soon!15 mins ago
SetonWarriors. All day. mins ago
Paul Pabst@RodStickler pretty close31 mins ago
Andrew Perloff@greggdurham @PaulPabst @TheLeisuremen not bad, but kind of slim pickings. That's an app for me.1 hour ago

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B. Hall#TheDoOver was good stuff, plus best movie soundtrack ever! @AdamSandler well done, and of course @dpshow stole the show.3 hours ago
Jon RossScrmnWoody: dpshow PaulPabst CallawayGolf Giveaway Idea: Call in and give us your best umpire strike out call. Win… hours ago
Austin AlvaHahaha DP! @dpshow #TheDoOver hours ago