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Wednesday: Ross Tucker filling in for Dan

Sports Illustrated photographer Todd Rosenberg chronicled our trip to Miller Park for the Sausage Race over the weekend. Here are some of his shots.

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Andrew Perloff@Staggs_Aaron that's hot4 mins ago
Paul Pabst@csonkaguy @RossTuckerNFL And vice versa6 mins ago
Seton@Beefboat15 haha12 mins ago
Andrew Perloff@Vegas724 @dpshow talk crap about who?18 mins ago
Dan Patrick ShowRT @andrewperloff: Getting interesting calls on Cam. Do you have a major problem with his press conference? Weigh in and we may read your T…22 mins ago

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It's Allgood!#PeytonManning is impressive for doing what we all should do. Making the most of what we have & change. @dpshow @brooklynfritzy @Broncos7 mins ago
Andrew P. ShayGreat point by @RossTuckerNFL on @dpshow asking are rest of Panthers losers for handling their postgame duties well?12 mins ago
MelThe over analyzing of one quote on the @dpshow is obnoxious. And I rarely complain about that show.14 mins ago
Pic4Pic mins ago
Jerod.@dpshow @PaulPabst @RossTuckerNFL this summer beer talk gets me all tingly.. then I look outside...16 mins ago