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NBA draft prospect Cody Zeller joined the show to talk about where he might land and more.

Zeller said he worked out for 10 teams, but that he has “no clue” where he’ll end up getting picked.

Zeller said that  “I’m looking forward to playing both or either one of my brothers,” Zeller said. “There might be a fight that will break out at halfcourt like we do back at home.”

Zeller talked about his style of play. He said the “try to beat him up” approach isn’t that effective. Teams that try to mix it up are more effective.

Zeller talked about the questions he got asked in the pre-draft process. He said one team asked him how many basketballs they could fit in the hotel room they were sitting. And they wanted to know his thought process.

Zeller is trying something very interesting regarding his suit. He’s letting fans pick his suit via Twitter (@CodyZeller).



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