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Friday: Eddie Olczyk

Why is McLovin posing with this bear and why is his shirt so wrinkled? We’ll find out soon. You can check out what @himynameisseton and @paulpabst are doing via Twitter. Fritzy is somewhere on a beach flexing. Dan is somewhere very cool where we’re not invited.


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Andrew Perloff@bgrellz ya, but jeremy renner's bad-ass in Hurt Locker and the Town, so that gives Hawkeye some cred10 mins ago
Andrew Perloff@nicasd55 i studied him in college. just trying to simplify things for everyone else. but his post-Kane failures are incredible story.16 mins ago
Seton@CaseyGeraghty "thanks for taking the time..."18 mins ago
Andrew Perloff@bgrellz tell @twoadayz yourself. I can't talk sense into the kid!20 mins ago
Seton@StevenMoretti hey...21 mins ago

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Robert ChamplinMy horse's name would be 3rd Place. Imagine the confusion. @dpshow @HiMyNameIsSeton @PaulPabst @brooklynfritzy11 mins ago
Thomas Holmes IIGreat guest on @dpshow highly recommend podcast - How Ryan Leaf, NFL's biggest draft bust, turned his life around mins ago
〽️Jay™〽️NFL win projections are out. @dpshow says that Lions could be one of the worst NFC teams.21 mins ago
MasterGoshujin_RATransformers unicron @dpshow for Orson wells23 mins ago
AntCheck out the Boss' Breakdown on The Dan Patrick Show #dpshow mins ago