FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show
Monday: MLB, Carmelo, NFL training camp’s Bruce Feldman joined the show to talk about Johnny Manziel at SEC Media Day and more.

Dan asked Feldman if Manziel hurt or helped himself today.  “I think he helped,” Feldman said. “It depends on your perspective. People will say he’s drinking. He’s 20. Pretty much every 20-year-old I’ve known drank.”

Feldman was at the Manning Passing Camp and said that he’s heard that Manziel was not kicked out for drinking. He was kicked out for being “late to a couple of meetings.”

Feldman said that Manziel said the thing he regrets the most is his negative Tweet about College Station at 1 a.m. Feldman noted that Manziel is emotional — which makes him good and causes trouble. “He can be his own worst enemy,” Feldman said.

Feldman said that he expects Manziel to have continued success on the field. Feldman noted Manziel has shown an accurate arm this Spring. But the question is how much can he run or run to throw, because teams are gunning for him.