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Friday: Notre Dame WR Corey Robinson
Friday: NFL reporter Alex Marvez
Friday: Deadspin’s Drew Magary
Friday: James Vanderbeek

Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald joined the show to talk about the upcoming season and more.

Dan asked Cardinals rookie defensive back Tyrann Mathieu. “He’s a good kid,” Fitzgerald said. “I think he got a bad rap. once you talk to him and see his work ethic and how into football he is, it would change your opinion.”

Off the Ryan Braun possibly giving up the MVP, Dan asked Fitzgerald, since he finished second in the Heisman to Jason White, would he want the award if something happened with the former Oklahoma QB. “No, absolutely not,” Fitzgerald said. “It would always have an asterisk. It wouldn’t feel good for me”

Dan asked Fitzgerald how hitting has changed. “It’s changed significantly,” Fitzgerald said. “Practices are much less physical. During games I can tell guys are aiming lower. …. I see a big difference.”

Fitzgerald talked about big hits. He said you have a sixth sense that a big hit is coming. He said the worst hits he got were from Rodney Harrison. “Whatever he could do to get a competitive advantage he would,” Fitzgerald said.

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