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Tuesday: Reggie Miller

ESPN writer Wright Thompson joined guest host Chris Mannix to talk about his profile of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Mazniel.

Thompson talked about how forthright Manziel’s parents were. “They were just totally unplugged,” Thompson said and noted how “real” they were.

Chris asked where Manziel’s head is at right now. “I feel he feels under seige,” Thompson said. He said it was probably cool at first, but now it’s obviously tough.

Thompson said that the season starting will be really good for Manziel and the structure will really help.

Thompson said he was trying to figure out if this was a unique case or is that how we’re going to treat college football stars. Thompson said a big part of this is that everyone involved in the sport has to twist themselves to keep the lie of NCAA amateurism alive.

“You constatnly have to be on guard to a series of inane rules to protect his eligibility,” Thompson said.

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