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Friday: MLB Trade Deadline, DeflateGate, NFL Trade Deadline

Atlanta Falcons rookie Brian Banks joined the show to talk about playing in his first preseason game. Banks, 28, had his career derailed when he was wrongly imprisoned in high school.

Banks described the feeling: “The most surreal moment was running out of that tunnel with the flames going up and the smoke in the air. The music going and seeing how big and how bright the dome actually is. It’s an experience like no other.

Dan asked Banks if he cried. “I was OK before the game,” Banks said. “I ran out there from the tunnel, the emotions just got to me. I was so happy and so thankful I was there. I also know this is an experience I should have experienced years ago coming out of college and that didn’t happen.”

Dan also asked if Banks thought he’d make the team. “I still don’t know,” Banks said. “Camp is one of those situations where coaches don’t share any of that information with you. The only thing you can do as a rookie is work your butt off in the film room and on the field.”

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