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WEDNESDAY: Samuel L. Jackson

Against the Grain added a little intrigue for the season. Each week, McLovin will pick three underdogs straight up. If he finishes over 50 percent for the season, we spin the “Wheel of Awesomeness.” If he doesn’t … “Wheel of Punishment.”

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Paul Pabst@KristiJohnson5 @dpshow Thanks.7 mins ago
Paul PabstSoon you'll be able to get a college degree in sports analytics via @TIME18 mins ago
Paul PabstDiscussion we just had...better flick...Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction. I'm way on the Goodfellas side. Your thoughts?30 mins ago
Paul Pabst@TDC2266 @dpshow @SamuelLJackson I believe that you are also wack/whack.31 mins ago
Paul PabstBack on Sirius 214...all good. @dpshow32 mins ago

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Erik ArismendezLooking at those pants and shirt @dpshow ....If @twoadayz doesn't like the shirt, that should say something... mins ago
Chuck EdwardsBased on the two pair of pants Dan held up, @HiMyNameIsSeton can't get back to the @dpshow soon enough. @PaulPabst @brooklynfritzy #OhMyGod9 mins ago
Phillip Bupp.@dpshow @PaulPabst Is Dan auditioning for a Miami Vice remake with those blue pants?9 mins ago
Richard RoeperThe @DPshow just beamed the Bat Signal my way--so I'll be talking movies with them at 10:05CT, right after I'm off from @GoodDayChicago17 mins ago
Brent AxeThe analytics major at @SyracuseU being discussed on @dpshow now. Interesting topic on the evolving industry.17 mins ago