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Wednesday: Burt Reynolds
Wednesday: Gary Danielson

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Seton@SplashK1NG @stance dope29 mins ago
Seton@dfunk170 it's not a religious holiday bud. Sorry.30 mins ago
Paul Pabst@JimSias water in fuel line?1 hour ago
Andrew Perloff@EveryBreakngWAV just coffee!2 hours ago

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Carlton HawkinsMcLovin’s Turkey Day Against the Grain via @dpshow50 mins ago
Ronnie CalhounThe boys on @dpshow never let me down. Always a good day when I get to catch the show. Btw, that was totally a fart yesterday.1 hour ago
Grace MorganHow do people not know who Dan Patrick @dpshow is...what is wrong with them...seriously #thebestever #enfuego1 hour ago
Alex RoweA Pres. candidate should buy rights to a Bowl game.They have $. 'Donald Trump's (Muslim) Independence Bowl' anyone? @drewmagary @dpshow1 hour ago