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Thursday: Brian Regan, Chris Simms

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer joined the show to talk about their season and the chances they’ll reach the playoffs.

Palmer said that he understands the officials picking up the flag at the end of the Panthers-Packers game. He said officials have been calling it that way all season because Rob Gronkowski wasn’t in position to make the catch.

Palmer says that he feels for officials because quarterbacks have been get a lot of breaks now. “Quarterbacks can’t complain,” Palmer said. He said that when he got into the League he would get hammered and not get a call. Now quarterbacks have every advantage.

Palmer also weighed in on the USC coaching situation. He said that he honestly doesn’t know, but he trusts AD Pat Haden. “I have no worry,” Palmer said. “Whoever he hires is the guy who should get the job.”

Dan asked Palmer what young quarterback coming into the League has impressed him the most over the years. “Andrew Luck,” Palmer said. “I’ve seen him play quite a bit.  … He does it all very well.” Palmer explained that he watched all 16 Colts games from 2012 because he was trying to learn Bruce Arians’ offense.

Dan asked Palmer if he had ever seen a player get his hair ripped out, which happened to teammate Andre Ellington last week. Palmer said, no, he has never seen a player get “scalped.”



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