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Friday: Chris Simms in studio

Heisman Trophy winner and longtime NBA player Charlie Ward joined the show to talk about being a two-sport star.

Ward explained that it was actually a close call between the NFL and the NBA coming out of Florida State. He said he did everything to prepare for the NFL Draft, and the Chiefs called him in the fifth round. But he said he couldn’t guarantee he’d go to training camp if the NBA drafted him.

Ward talked about playing with the very tough Knicks. He said he wasn’t a fighter, but he know he had tough guys behind him and was involved with some scrapes against the Heat.

Ward commented on Jameis Winston. He doesn’t think playing baseball will hurt his NFL chances. He said Winston is 6-foot-4, 230 pounds so there’s no fear he’ll fall in the NFL eyes.

Ward said he thinks Johnny Manziel will make it in the NFL, but he’s not sure that he should go in the first round because it’s a tough transition from college spread to the NFL as a quarterback.

Ward, who is currently a high school football coach in Houston, wanted to let everyone in the area know about his 2014 Westbury Christian School annual Charlie Ward Tribute to Excellence gala. Ward will be honoring the great Earl Campbell on April 12, 2014 at Reliant Center. Be sure to click here to find out all the details.