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Thursday: Charles Barkley in studio

NFL Network’s Kurt Warner joined the show to talk about the playoffs and more.

Last year Warner said he wasn’t sure he’d let his boys play football.

“There are still concerns,” Warner said. He said as a father he doesn’t want to have to second-guess the safety of his kids.

“I still wrestle with it. As a parent, I want to make sure my kids are healthy.” But if he said that if his sons want to play and even try to go pro, it’s his job to support them.

Warner talked about his role in helping Ken Whisenhunt’s Cardinals reach the Super Bowl. Former Cards QB Matt Leinart said it was all Warner, not Whisenhunt. Warner didn’t necessarily agree.

“There’s no question I was a big part of bringing in plays that I like,” Warner said. “Still, there’s a lot more to being a head coach than putting in an offense.”



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