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Tuesday: Reggie Miller

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Paul PabstRT @ann_arky: @PaulPabst Took a chance on #LCFC just before Xmas. mins ago
Paul PabstEnglish football club or not...Old Shartsbridge.9 mins ago
Andrew Perloff@chrisbrockman @HiMyNameIsSeton What is dead, may never die. You guys have no idea what that means, do you?11 mins ago
Seton@Swindle2012 thanks, Turd.23 mins ago
Seton@andrewperloff i don't know what that means25 mins ago

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DoctorRobert3336000 lbs = $8752...not bad on a $19 wager. @dpshow @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton Do they give him 6000 pounds of silver? @andrewperloff5 mins ago
Steven MorettiYou should have got him with Sheffeild Wednesday! No chance! @PaulPabst @dpshow6 mins ago
Daniel SumerlinIt was Colin Hanks, Tom's son, that got it going @PaulPabst for #LeicesterCity @dpshow8 mins ago
Jennifer BealeHey @dpshow play that game with @milb teams 🤔9 mins ago
Rick BanksWatching Uncle Dan is a daily ritual for Will Banks. 2' 7" tall, 25 pounds. @dpshow mins ago