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Wednesday: Rich Eisen

NBC NBA analyst Stan Van Gundy joined the show to talk about Mike D’Antoni resigning from the Lakers.

Van Gundy said he doesn’t expect to be contacted by the Lakers. Van Gundy said that the Lakers’ personnel issues wouldn’t concern him necessarily. “The roster is not of much concern for me,” Van Gundy said. “It all comes down to who you’re working for and who you’re working with.”

Van Gundy said it’s important that you feel like you have similar values to ownership and everyone in the organization.

Van Gundy weighed in on why D’Antoni might have resigned. He said coaches want to feel supported and they don’t want to be undermined. He said that if the Lakers wouldn’t extend his contract, that would be a bad situation.

Van Gundy weighed in on the Thunder being in trouble. He said that they are facing a very good Grizzlies team. Van Gundy said that we give Kevin Durant the benefit of the doubt because we like him so much. Van Gundy always had a problem with people riding Dwight Howard. “It’s all subjective, and quite frankly, it’s a lot of BS.”

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