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Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel joined the show to talk about his season and more.

Vogel said that when there was a report that he was in trouble, Larry Bird came down and made sure Vogel knew it wasn’t true. “He was quick to my office to make sure I understood they weren’t true.Vogel said.

Vogel talked about Lance Stephenson and said that he was talking to him throughout the series about how he was handling things. “You just want to make sure he’s growing the right way, developing the right way,” Vogel said.

Vogel hopes Stephenson comes back. “We have a special bond as a player and coach,” Vogel said. “We’re definitely hopeful.”

Dan asked Vogel who was a better forward, Bird or LeBron James. Vogel said Bird because he works for him. But Vogel said Bird is a fan of LeBron. “Larry probably would say LeBron,” Vogel said.



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