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Tuesday: Matt Forte
Tuesday: Dennis Eckersley
Tuesday: Mike Florio

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Paul Pabst"I think it stinks." - Dennis Eckersley on what he thinks of the one-game Wild Card playoff.15 mins ago
Andrew PerloffBig debate on @dpshow: Does last night's controversial call in Lions-'Hawks get a name? Fail Mary gets a name. If so, what?25 mins ago
Paul PabstThe fumble by Calvin was bigger. Refs didn't cost Lions the game. mins ago
Paul Pabst@Sears09 Awesome.34 mins ago
Paul Pabst@4million4peace True41 mins ago

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Lee WolcanskiLuv'n all the baseball talk on @dpshow last two days. Need that more often. Mix in a little hockey too.6 mins ago
Jared WiseI hesitate to bring this up but did Dennis Eckersley know who he was talking to? Sounded like he just called @dpshow Pat!7 mins ago
Doctor Robert#GoofyBomb! @dpshow @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton get that audio on replay. Dropping goofy mins ago
Michael ShanahanTons of respect for @Eck43 answering questions about a hard topic with such grace on @dpshow8 mins ago
Doctor RobertWe glorify booze. It's very hard to speak about. #YaThere @dpshow @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton11 mins ago