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Tuesday: Recapping Jets-Browns Monday Night Football

Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel joined the show to talk about winning the starting job over rookie Teddy Bridgewater and more. Here are some of his takes:

— Cassell said he was able to take battling with a rookie in stride: “I’ve been through it all. There’s not a lot that surprises me at this point. This was a long battle throughout the offseason. I think I’ve worked harder than I ever have this offseason.”

— Dan asked what job compares to being a starting quarterback. “Not to this extent,” said Cassel, “but it’s kind of like being the President. I say that on a very modified scale. I say that because everyone watches everything you do. Everyone critiques you from every different angle. At the same time you have to go about your business. … Get ready to play no matter what’s going on.

— Cassel on Adrian Peterson: “I swear the guy can eat two hot dogs right before practice and run around faster than anyone. He’s a different breed of person and he works his tail off. … The League has changed a lot in the type of running back they have to offer, but Adrian is special.”