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TUESDAY: Joey Bosa, Mike Tyson

NBC’s Tony Dungy joined the show to break down all the potential coaching changes and recap Week 17 in the NFL.

Dungy talked about getting a call from the Falcons before they hired Mike Smith in 2008. He said that it’s clear he has no interest now. “Everyone knows I’m done,” Dungy said.

Dungy also talked about Jim Harbaugh. He said Harbaugh is not going to change. He recalled seeing Harbaugh fight with Bo Schembechler when he was the quarterback at Michigan.

Dungy argued that Love Smith didn’t tank the final game for the Bucs. Dan wasn’t buying it. But Dungy said that he is happy that they have the top spot and can take Marcus Mariota.

And Dungy said the Browns and all teams need to consider character when choosing their teams. He said talent alone can’t win.