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Thursday: LaDainian Tomlinson

Former MLB commissioner Bud Selig joined the show to talk about Opening Day and his beloved Wisconsin Badgers losing in the NCAA title game.

— On where his head is at being out of the game: “I’ve really been busy. There’s a time in life to come. And there’s also a time in life to go. I believed after 23 years things were really good. I had really done everything I set out to do. Rob Manfred will be very, very good. He worked for me for 23 years.”

— Selig would not comment on Pete Rose, because he thinks that it’s all on Manfred now: “He was intimately involved with everything I did. I was the sole judge. Now he is the sole judge.”

— Selig doesn’t get the national perception on the state of baseball. “I’m sometimes amazed at the negativism,” Selig said. “Think about where we are. Over $9 billion in reveunue. Franchise values are through the roof.”

— On Wisconsin’s loss: “I do think there were some curious calls. I’m very partial. I admit that.”