FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show
Dan and Danettes return on Monday!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. joined the show to talk about winning at Talladega and more. Some tidbits from the interview:

— Junior talked about how he can win a race like Talladega. “Every time I’ve been successful at the plate races,” Junior said, “I’ve ran every lap like it’s the last lap,” Earnhardt said.

— Junior explained how he’s different than his father racing. He said his father was the “aggressive guy” not the “clever guy.” He said that he’s more like Darrell Waltrip and tries to be smart and clever.

— Junior said he showed up at Hendrick Motosports the other day and his parking spot was gone. They had given it away. They gave him a new one.

— Junior isn’t sure if he gets a paycheck. He said his accountant deals with it.

— Junior explained why he got emotional last week. He said he saw all these notes about his father’s birthday on social media. “Ever since I joined Twitter, it’s allowed me to see certain things you’re not placed in front of on a [normal] basis,” Junior said.

— Junior weighed in on his beloved Redskins. He liked the first two picks, but is worried about durability.