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TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal joined the show to talk about the NBA Playoffs and more. Here are some of his comments …

— Dan asked his favorite player to watch in the postseason right now. “Curry looks like my youngest son,” O’Neal said. “But he’s the best player in the League.”

— Dan asked Shaq what he would be doing if he didn’t play basketball. “I’d be a cop,” Shaq said. He said that he is currently a detective in Florida.

— Shaq also said he would have tried to be an actor. “I went to see Avengers,” O’Neal said, “and I said that’s me, the Hulk. Tearing stuff up.”

— Shaq said one of his sons is 6-foot-8 and very good as a freshman in college. He said his kids told him they wanted to be like LeBron, not him. O’Neal was OK with that.

— Shaq explained why he keeps falling on the TNT set. “Once you get 350 pounds headed in one direction,” Shaq said, “it’s hard to get it to stop.”



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