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Former U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan joined the show to share his thoughts on the FIFA scandal.

“In a lot of countries,” Donovan said, “this is just sort of how they do business. … They’ve been paid for a long time. They want that to continue.”

Donovan said he didn’t expect this to go down. “Even for us inside the soccer world it’s been crazy,” Donovan said.

Donovan said he was in the room when it was announced that Qatar was getting the 2022 World Cup over the U.S. “It just seemed strange that of everywhere in the world, Qatar was getting it.”

Donovan said they played a team, El Salvador, that was later accused of match-fixing. “If you’re El Salvador and making $15K a year … you have to consider it,” Donovan said. “You almost can’t blame people because it’s their livelihood.”

Donovan said that he wants to be part owner of a team at some point. He also enjoys coaching kids.