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Friday: NFL Scouting Combine

Alabama coach Nick Saban joined the show to talk about his recent comments on the SEC and more. Here are some of his comments …

— On challenges facing SEC: “If we’re going to have a playoff between these conferences that we should try to level the playing field as much as possible. After eight years in the NFL, I look at the NFL. They do try to create parody, competitive balance. I think the SEC is a great League. There was a time when just winning the SEC championship was great. … Now that we have the BCS and a playoff, I think it’s a little bit more global and maybe we should try to manage it that way.”

– On playoff system: “I like the playoff. I think it creates a lot of fan interest and a lot of excitement. I think I was a little misunderstood when I said that I hate the fact that the playoff has minimized the impact of bowl games a little bit. Hopefully these things can survive together.”

— On not burning out: “When I first started out as a head coach. I wanted to be successful and do a good job so badly, I was sort of all in and nothing else. That wasn’t good for anybody. It wasn’t good for me. It wasn’t good for our staff. I’ve had to learn balance is really healthy in anything that you do.”

— On dancing at his daughter’s wedding: “Electric slide is one of my old favorites. We were out there for that. I tried to learn the Wobble. That took a little more expertise, knowledge, experience. . The groom was Greek. We had Greek dances. I learned one. We successfully executed one Greek dance.”