FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show
Dan and Danettes return on Monday!

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski joined the show to talk about his former players headed into the NBA Draft and more.

Coach K  described his role with former players going into the Draft. “We’re on their team,” he said. “You work with the agent. He’s the advocate. We’re now part of [their] team.”

Krzyzewski said Jahlil Okafor is going to be great in the NBA. “Nobody has a body like that that can move and score inside,” he said. He noted that Okafor was the only player in the sport who faced consistent double- and triple-team defense.

Krzyzewski also had huge praise for Steph Curry, who he had in amateur camp. He explained why he didn’t recruit Steph. “So much of it was his size,” Coach K said. “Who knew? [Davidson coach Bob] McKillop knew. I wish I knew.”