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WEDNESDAY: Kirk Herbstreit, Joe Montana, Rick Neuheisel

ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy joined the show to talk about a wide variety of topics, including the Spurs’ sneaky dominance, the Warriors and why he hates intentionally fouling guys like Andre Drummond.

Here’s Van Gundy on intentional fouls: “There are some free through absolutists who love the free throw. We need more action in our game, not less. Between free throws and timeouts … I want to see them both reduced as much as possible. … I don’t understand why we have this feeling we should be able to foul off the ball. ….

“Fouling should never be rewarded. Fouling is not a skill. I don’t think you should ever be able to benefit from fouling. … It’s not basketball. Our League should be exciting. The more we can take away the free throw, the better our game will be. … To me it’s the most boring part of the game.”