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Tuesday: Melissa Stark, Reggie Miller

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim joined the show to talk about his team getting into the Tournament and more.

— Dan asked what he was like during the time he was suspended. “I was very quiet,” Boeheim said. “My family didn’t want to watch the games with me. We didn’t play as well as we’d have liked to. It was a difficult time.”

Boeheim said that the suspension made him realize he needs to be prepared for not coaching. “Thirty days of doing nothing is not good,” Boeheim said.

– Boeheim said he thought it was 50-50 about whether he’d get into the Tournament. He explained how he thinks Syracuse got a bid. “It was really the quality of wins that got us in,” Boeheim said.

— Dan asked Boeheim to sum up his year in one word: “Difficult,” Boeheim said.

— Dan asked Boeheim how long he will coach. He said he’s coaching the Olympics and he’ll be right there in Syracuse in the Fall.

—  Boeheim also called for a rule change. “Let’s give the coaches the ability to call the timeout,” Boeheim said.




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