FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show
MONDAY-FRIDAY: Dan and Danettes on vacation (and doing well) … return next week

New Orlando Magic coach Frank Vogel joined the show to talk about what happened in Indiana and more. Here are some of his comments:

— On being let go by the Pacers. “I think if we won Game 7,  I’d probably still be there because I liked our chances with some of the other matchups [in the playoffs].”

— On playing up-tempo, Warriors style basketball: “You can definitely change your style. Your team’s style is predicated by the strengths and weaknesses on your roster. …. Your team will become what you emphasize. …. My mindset is you can’t be Golden State without their personnel. That doesn’t mean you can’t take some of those things and apply it to your team.”

— On your best chance to stop LeBron James: “Get strong on the ball with him. And make sure you’re very strong with your helps and you help the help.”

— On expectations in Orlando: “I think this group is ready to take a big step. I think the expectations this coming year are higher than they’ve been. I want them that way.”

— On moving his family: “I have 10- and 12-year old daughters. They’re very rooted in Indiana and have a lot of friends.”