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Monday: Melissa Etheridge, Tony Dungy

Les Miles joined the show and explained why he didn’t fight LSU when it decided to fire him. Here is part of the conversation …

DP: How were you told you were fired?
LM: Face to face. Joe Alleva said we’re going to have to make a change. And I’m for the Tigers and anything that they see that makes the Tigers better then I’m for them. I accepted that outcome and support and will support that decision and these Tigers as we go forward.
DP: Did you fight it ?
LM: It was beyond fighting. The enjoyment of being here, the enjoyment  of community, the experiences that my family’s had it’s too important to me to fight over. I mean it’s history, it’s what we are and if they see a change makes the Tigers better then I am for them.
DP: Did you realize it was this tenuous that one second if you can beat Auburn then all of a sudden you’re still employed? I mean was it coming down to something as minute as that?
LM: Well I want you to know something. How that game ends with the Tigers fighting for their breathe and doing everything that they could. Maybe there’s a way that the coach can get them a second more. I would argue that I made those moves. But uh one second. It’s certainly a decision that was made more appropriately over more than a second